About People Resolutions

Corporate focus and Operating Model

People Resolutions was founded in April 2000. In December 2001 we published the first commercial version of HR Manage, the prototype of what became the flagship product. From the outset the goal was to develop a comprehensive system that covers the full spectrum of human capital management functions in a corporate environment. In 2006 People Resolutions changed from a closed corporation into a private company.  People Resolutions is a highly specialised business and we employ consultants with expertise in both HR and IT. Our Software team consists of core full time staff while we outsource non-core tasks to 3rd party suppliers. On the consulting side, the team consist of both full time staff as well as Associate Consultants. Some of our Associate Consultants have been part of our team for more than 8 years.



COVID-19 has changed the way we work. We make use of collaboration tools like MS Teams for all project meetings and to share all relevant information. This is the new normal. The result is more effective delivery at a more affordable cost. Where required, we make use of on-site work sessions.

HR Software

We provide a complete human resource software solution that can be customised to meet any requirements.


Complete project management with regards to the configuration and implementation of the HR software.

Training & Development

Train administrators and users on how to use the HR system effectively and extract the benefits.

Custom HR Plugin Development

We can develop custom reports and plugins for HR Manage that will create additional custom functionality, integration and data structures.


Service available for hosting the HR software in the cloud.

Customer Support

We provide support for all HR Manage related issues as well as administration assistance


People Resolutions is a South African based software development company with a focus on Human Resource Management Solutions. The HR Management landscape has changed and the change is brought about by two transitions. The first transition is underpinned by the way human beings perceive the world of work and the second by the power of Information Technology. These two forces will continue to shape the way HR Practitioners do their work for the next decade. The traditional HR Department is built around services that are busy disappearing.

People Resolutions operates in this space. We embrace the opportunities brought about by transition. We strive to look into the future of Human Capital Management and develop the tools that will help shape this future. We believe that HR Departments has a pivotal role to play in the success of organisations and with our products and services we support them in reinventing themselves.
With the introduction of our first commercial HR IT Systems in 2001 we were one of the pioneers in the field. This first commercial version of HR Manage built on the experience and prototypes that reached back as far as 1987. Our flagship product, HR Manage, has stood the test of time and are now competing with the “best of breed”. The only thing that remained the same is our recipe: innovate – simplify – and walk the extra mile.

The model People Resolutions has developed over the past 23 years is intended to assist HR practitioners to make the transition to a technologically driven work environment. Technology will increasingly be used to automate traditional HR tasks. On the other hand there are tasks that will disappear altogether over the next few years as a result of Information Technology. The HR practitioners who want to remain in demand in the new knowledge economy will have to tap into the opportunities unlocked by HR IT Solutions.  As a seasoned agent for the implementation of HR systems, People Resolutions has the experience and the tools to guide organisations to design, develop, implement, and maintain their HR IT Solution so that they optimise the benefit. We provide solutions that will fit in with a client specific organisational culture. We know how to “keep things simple” without compromising data- and system integrity. What makes us different is our experience to implement highly sophisticated and very complex systems while keeping things simple.
Our job is to assist our clients to transform their human capital management function. We don’t’ see our job as the selling of software. Where we engage with our clients we become part of their team that work in total synergy with their context, expectations, dreams, limitations, and priorities. We are unashamed in our claim as Subject Matter Experts when it comes to the design, development, implementation and support of human capital management systems.

We develop all our own software. This gives us a competitive advantage. We can implement new ideas and improvements without external restrictions. Our cost is South African Rand based (vs USD based prices). With the fluctuation of the Rand against the USD over the past few years we’ve seen how companies that bought USD based products had to absorb cost increases far beyond the South African inflation rate – for the same basic service.