Continuously In Development

HR Manage is constantly being developed and improved to stay up to date with the latest technology and incorporate best practices and client requests. Although we do plan our releases ahead and assign specific tasks and requests to specific versions, there are some some features that will still take a while and does not have any specific version number or release date linked to it. Some of these items can later be moved to specific target dates if orders for them are received.

This page provides information on our short term goals (Current version in development) and long term goals.

Currently In Development - Version 5.1.0 (Major Release)

*31 July 2018

This is a major release which sees the overhaul of the workflow and forms modules. Some of the new features include:

  • Visual designers for Workflows, Forms and Tasklists
  • Integrated editors from designer. i.e. Design a form while editing a workflow template without needing to close the screen
  • Extended support for Positions for use as recipients
  • Web theme customisation from within HR Manage
  • White-label support for the web
  • Forms Module
    • New categorised libraries for Forms and Questions
    • Entries are now saved as they are created (no need to design everything and then save the form)
    • Skip logic will be enabled
    • Using of record fields as an alternative to questions from the library
    • New matrix question entry
  • Workflow module
    • Support for plugin activity types and 3rd party integration
    • Tasklists no support task dependency (i.e. Previous task must first complete before next task can start)
    • Sign-off activity has been extended to allow for approval / rejection, button text customisation and integrated decisions
    • Decision activities support mulitple expressions that can be evaluated
    • Sub-workflows: Allow for a new workflow to be started by an activity in a parent workflow
  • Plugins & API platform
    • Developing support for web plugins developed by 3rd parties
    • Extending the API with more formats (batch calls)
    • Extending the workflow module to allow for 3rd party developed activities

Future Development

  • Training Administration
    • Apply for training online
    • Approve / Reject training requests