Some Statistics

HR Manage was first released in 2001 and has since then been sold to companies big and small, across all industries and in multiple countries.

Oldest Active Clients

Our oldest (and still active) clients started using HR Manage back in 2001 on version 1 and 2.

Furthest Client

While we have several clients throughout Africa, our furthest client is located in Makati City, Philippines.

Biggest Client

Our largest client has over 150,000 employees and contract workers on the system with over 200 power users and the database is over 400Gb (and still growing)

Biggest Training Provider

Our largest training provider / college has over 1.8 million training records captured on the system with multiple full time capturers employed.

System Integration

We've integrated with almost every South African payroll, multiple eLearning systems, Time & Attendance systems and other 3rd party software.

What People Say

HR Manage is a marvelous system that allows full customisation in order to suit the real needs of the business.

Patrick Zondo | Group HR Executive
Fidelity Security Services

Through HR Manage we have managed to professionalise our performance management with strong emphasis on confidentiality, reliability and accuracy.

Nasiphi Moya | Performance Dev. Manager
Democratic Alliance

Some of our clients