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Latest Release HR Manage Version has been released on 22 July 2014. To see what's new and what has changed and improved in this latest version, click here.

For details on previous version releases of HR Manage, go to the Version History page.
Roadmap HR Manage is continually being developed and improved with new modules being released all the time.  For a roadmap to see what is planned for this year, click here or see more information about the version currently in development.

HR Manage Release - Version

Released on 12 December 2011

This version includes the latest version of the EEA2 reports, further upgrades and reporting tools for the new Performance Management System as well as a number of fixes.



Reporting and Exporting

The latest version of the EEA2 report has been developed and can now be generated in Excel. The previous version of the EEA2 report is still available on HR Manage.


Employee Management

Fast Track

A Fast Track Record indicate a period when an employee is on an accellerated learning path. This is a new feature in HR Manage and will be used for filtering training when generating the new version of the Employment Equity Report.


  • Issue occurred when merging employees where Codes were captured for both. Error "Item with the same key has already been added" occurred when trying to open the employee after the merging
  • Error occurred when trying to merge employees where one of the employees was an instructor or course manager for training.
  • Error occurred when importing historic training data
  • Expired license warning screen when opening an employee has been removed

Performance Management System


The Windows User Interface has been developed further allowing for the filtering and listing of performance reviews for individuals.   Individual reviews can also be deleted.

The new easy-to-use Report Wizard includes all the reports from the previous version, but with greater flexibility.  Reports include:

  • Reviews Not Scheduled
    • List all employees who have not been scheduled for a specific review
  • List Review Processes
    • List Review Processes with the status of each activity in the process to track progress
  • Review Results
    • List Review Results as originally stored or as a percentage value
  • Rating per Profile Component
    • List the results for specific Profile Components with advanced grouping options (e.g. per Employee, Job Title, Location, Manager, etc.)

The Main Reviewers can now see the identity of anonymous reviewers and email notifications to anonymous reviewers has been fixed.


  • Review processes could not be completed 100% as nobody had access to sign off the last / end activity
  • If a review activity in a process was restarted, all previously completed reviews became inaccessible / hidden

Version History

  • Version was released on 22 July 2014. See Details
  • Version was released on 20 May 2014.
  • Version was released on 15 April 2014. See Details
  • Version was released on 24 January 2014. See Details


Our Clients

Latest News

  • 15Apr2014 First HR Manage version containing the upgraded web application has been released. Includes the rewritten Leave Administration module.
  • 28Aug2013 Planning has started for HR Manage Online 4.2 which will use the latest MVC framework and web technologies.
  • 11Jul2013 HR Manage Roadmap has been updated to reflect our major development priorities for the rest of the year.