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Latest Release HR Manage Version has been released on 22 July 2014. To see what's new and what has changed and improved in this latest version, click here.

For details on previous version releases of HR Manage, go to the Version History page.
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HR Manage Software - Surveys & Assessments

Module Details


This recently completed module is flexible and powerful enough to be used in a very broad range of applications. When used as a standalone module, companies can send out surveys to employees, customers or even publish a link on their website for members from public to complete a survey for general feedback or market research. The module can also be used in conjunction with our Training Administration module as well as our Performance Management module.

The system allows for three types of templates:

  • Surveys - Normal list of questions with no scoring enabled
  • Assessments - Questions with right and wrong answers. After completion, the system marks the assessment and displays the final score
  • Assessments "acting" as Surveys - Looks the same as a survey, but scoring is kept in the background. Used when integrating with performance appraisals



Here is a list of some of the features available in this module:

  • Two different styles are supported:
    • Form based - Multiple questions per page
    • Wizard based - One question per page with Next and Back buttons
  • When completing surveys with lots of questions, the person completing the survey has the option to pause the survey and finish it at a later time
  • Surveys can be completed by a range of different people
    • All employees / Specific employees (with invitation)
    • People from public / Specific people (non-employees)
    • Anonymous (person don't have to supply any personal information)
  • Questions (and answers) are stored in a library. Surveys can be created using specific questions from the library or any number of random questions.
  • Surveys that can be completed by any employee, are automatically published on the HR Manage Web home page after an employee logs in
  • Various types of questions are available:
    • Multiple choice - Can select multiple answers from a list of checkboxes
    • Single choice - Can select one answer from a list of choices (either by checkboxes or dropdown list control)
    • Text - Single line or paragraph
    • Numeric values
  • Survey / Assessment layout can be completely customised by inserting headings, rich informative text, questions, page breaks, etc.
  • Page headers are customised with client's logo and colour scheme


Performance Management Integration


This module can integrate with our performance management system in two ways. When creating a review process, certain acitivities can be defined as surveys. During these survey activities, employees can provide feedback on how their reviews were conducted.

Another possibility is to setup assessments that "act" as surveys. These can be used for employees working with customers. A "survey" can be sent to a customer for feedback on their interaction with a specific employee. The customer completes the survey, but the score generated in the background, gets linked to the employee who communicated with the customer. This same functionality can also be used for 360 degree reviews.


Training Administration module / e-Learning Integration


Employees / learners can complete assessments online after receiving training. The assessment score will then be linked to the employee and the training record. The assessment form can be set up to contain a number of predefined questions or the form can be set up to automatically select a number of random questions from the library from various groups of questions.

The questions can be customised to a great degree. Multiple choice / Single choice questions can contain a whole paragraph or picture as a possible answer (thus the person chooses the correct paragraph / picture as an answer). Questions can also contain attachments like pictures or Word documents that can be viewed by the person taking the test while answering the specific question.

When setting up the questions, all the possible answers are provided as well as a score value next to the correct answers. This will allow the system to automatically determine the maximum score for an assessment as well as calculate the total score as soon as the person finish the assessment. The minimum required pass rate can also be specified for each assessment.


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Version History

  • Version was released on 22 July 2014. See Details
  • Version was released on 20 May 2014.
  • Version was released on 15 April 2014. See Details
  • Version was released on 24 January 2014. See Details


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Latest News

  • 15Apr2014 First HR Manage version containing the upgraded web application has been released. Includes the rewritten Leave Administration module.
  • 28Aug2013 Planning has started for HR Manage Online 4.2 which will use the latest MVC framework and web technologies.
  • 11Jul2013 HR Manage Roadmap has been updated to reflect our major development priorities for the rest of the year.